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EHDI Annual Meeting Jacksonville FL April 12-15, 2014

ehdilogo    Now in its 13th year, the EHDI Annual Meeting has built a strong reputation for bringing together a wide group of stakeholders and this year was no exception.  The goal of the annual EHDI Meeting is to enhance the implementation of state-based Early Hearing Detection Intervention programs.

# Children Failing hearing Screening Stat

Team ACS (Phil Hyssong, Mike Cano, TJ DiGrazia) was honored to assist by coordinating the speech-to-text and sign language interpreting services for this very important conference. ACS thanks EHDI for trusting its communication access needs to us.


In addition, I was honored to have had my poster on speech-to-text service advocacy selected for presentation.  I presented information that would help parents and teachers get speech-to-text services added to a student’s IEP when appropriate.  Please email me if you would like a copy of my handouts. My email address is

EHDI Poster Session

We worked hard and played hard, too.

Heavy Load Hoisted

Jacksonville is a beautiful city with an exciting nightlife: great restaurants, vibrant downtown, scenic vistas.


Hats of to all the fine folks at EHDI for the good work they do!  Make your plans to attend next year’s EHDI Annual Meeting March 8-10 in Louisville, KY!


ACS Attends NHCA Meeting In Las Vegas – Stop Gambling With Your Hearing


Do you know about the National Hearing Conservation Association?  The NHCA is passionate about hearing preservation.  It is composed of audiologists, physicians, industrial hygienists, safety specialists, engineers, occupational health nurses, equipment manufacturers, hearing conservationists, and students.  All are united in their mission to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.  This is a wonderful group to join for access to resources, publications, tools, and professional development that will improve skills, practices and services as they relate to hearing conservation.

Visiting Caption Call Exhibit

I just returned from presenting a workshop at the National Hearing Conservation Association 2014 Annual Conference.  My session was titled “Empowering Your Clients Who Already Have Hearing Loss – Helping Them Make the Most of Their Residual Hearing”.  In my workshop we discussed methods that help people with hearing loss thrive in the workplace.  We took a look at rights and responsibilities as they relate to hearing loss in the workplace.  We also talked about assistive listening devices and alternative communication technology such as real-time captioning and video remote interpreting.  We had a very interested and interactive group of folks.  If you would like a copy of my PowerPoint, please email me at

Friends Nancy and Theresa

It was a great conference!  There were a lot of very informative workshops and a lot of fun social activities.  Some highlights for me were seeing a friend from last year’s NHCA Conference, Industrial Hygienist Nancy Hall from Northrup Grummond, get recognized for her efforts in hearing conservation.  Nancy was one of three people awarded the prestigious Safe-in-Sound Award. Under her leadership, Northrup Grummond enrolled record numbers of employees in its Hearing Conservation Program, and realized significant gains in the appropriate selection and proper fit of employee hearing protection.  This will pay big dividends down the road in hearing conservation.

Casino Night NHCA 2014

A standard feature of each year’s conference is a full-day of Hearing Loss Prevention Basic Principles. It contains everything you would ever want to know about noise-induced hearing loss.  I attended the session last year and found it to be very interesting and informative. Next year’s conference will be in New Orleans February 19021, 2015.  For more information, please check out