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ACS Provides Sign Language Interpreting at SHRM

Andrea Crosson SLI 1

ACS has been providing the sign language interpreting for the SHRM general sessions this week in Orlando FL.  Over 14,000 HR professionals are in attendance.  ACS is proud to have been selected and thanks SHRM for trusting its communication access needs to us!  Interpreter Andrea Crosson has provided sign language interpretation for some very special presenters at SHRM so far: Robin Roberts, Thomas, Friedman, and David Novak to name a few.  When it absolutely has to be done right, contact!

Visit ACS Booth #214 at Hearing Loss Association of America Convention

HLAA ACS Half-Page Ad MS Publisher Landscape

ACS is getting very excited about being a part of the Hearing Loss Association of America’s 29th Annual Convention at the Renaissance Austin, located in the beautiful town of Austin, Texas.  The convention dates are right around the corner: June 26 – 29th.

Mike Cano will be donating his incredible CART skills to make the product and technology demonstrations accessible to persons with hearing loss.


Valerie Stafford-Mallis will be presenting Communication Strategies for Surviving the Workplace or Job Search on Thursday, June 26th at 3:00 PM.


The ACS Convention Exhibit will be open for business.  Ask to be pointed in the direction of Booth # 214.  Leave a note for me if you do not see me, please.  I will be a moving target!

Big Grin Exhibit Shot

Make your plans to join the fun…it’s not too late. Be there or be square!!!!!   For more info please email me at

Hearing From Your Pet’s Perspective

While people enjoy what we consider to be a rich range of sounds, our everyday hearing pales in comparison to our furry or feathered friends. Able to recognize sounds far lower or higher than our ears can accommodate, many pets enjoy a world of sound we can’t even begin to appreciate.

Dogs have a much broader range of hearing than their human friends. 

German Shepherd

Cats have even broader ranges of hearing.  In fact, a cat’s hearing is so sensitive it is among the best of any of the mammalian species.  However, cats do not hear very low frequencies.  Could that be why they seem to ignore us when we speak to them?

Max 2014

Click here to learn more about what your pet’s ears experience.  And don’t forget to protect your own hearing from noise-induced hearing loss.

If you do have hearing loss,  email us at and let Alternative Communication Services (ACS) show you how easy it can be to make the spoken word accessible for meetings, webinars, videos, conference calls and  television broadcasts.