Making the Spoken Word Accessible to Students Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing


A new school year is getting ready to begin.  If not  being able to hear everything that gets said in the classroom, or on the webinar, is impacting academic achievement, we can help.  Imagine being able to read what is being said, even when spoken at speeds of 225 words per minute and above, on a computer screen in real time. Now THAT is equal access!

Alternative Communication Services (ACS) has been transcribing the spoken word into English text (and other languages) for hundreds of students in school districts, post-secondary educational institutions, and graduate schools since 2007.  We specialize in remote voice-to-text (either word-for-word or meaning-for-meaning), where it does not matter where the student or the service provider is.  We can also bring the service provider onsite.  We work with the student, the teacher, the student disability services coordinator, and the school’s IT accounting departments to make the process as seamless as it can be.

One of the characteristics that sets ACS apart from our competition is that we do not tell you what you need. We listen to you. Although we have vast experience doing voice-to-text services, we have found the most effective service happens when we listen to you and provide a solution that best meets your needs. That is the ACS Alternative.

To learn more, please visit our website or email me at  You are only an email away from accessing the spoken word.

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