ACS Team Members Supports HLAA Florida Walk for Hearing In a BIG Way

Team ACS really put its money where its mouth was this past Saturday (November 9th)…to the tune of $4253.00!

Valerie walked in the Hearing Loss Association of America’s Walk for Hearing in Jacksonville, Florida.  She participated as part of the Hearing Loss Association of Florida’s Sarasota Dream Team. The Mission of HLAA is to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support, and advocacy. Alternative Communication Services (ACS) LLC matched the funds Valerie Stafford-Mallis raised.

Team w Plaque

The Sarasota Dream Team was the top fundraising Team at the Walk.  Valerie was the top individual fundraiser.  In her remarks, when called up to the podium to be recognized for raising $4,253.00, Valerie thanked all of her friends and ACS colleagues who donated.  She credited the generosity of those friends and colleagues for making her success possible.  The Sarasota Chapter of HLAA will keep 40% of the funds raised and the rest will go to HLAA National.

Top fundraiser thanking ACS Team

In Valerie’s words “The generous CART writers, TypeWell transcribers, and sign language interpreters at ACS are the real heroes.  I was but the conduit.”   If you know any of these people, please reach out and thank them for supporting the Hearing Loss Association of America.

Donor Gift Amount
Valerie   Stafford-Mallis $100.00
Debbie and   Patrick Jimmerson $50.00
Sally Maiorano   and Family $100.00
Anonymous $50.00
The Christy   Family $50.00
Annette Blough $100.00
Lisa B.   Johnston $100.00
Tammy   Milcowitz $100.00
Mydge Heaney $50.00
Bonnie Gaventa $50.00
Beth Frazier $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Loveeta $50.00
Anissa – ACS $100.00
The Hyssong   Family $100.00
LaShae and   Mike Flowers $150.00
Ken Deutsch $25.00
Heidi C Thomas $50.00
Jack and Brook   Nunn $50.00
Mrs. Belinda J   Bukovitz $35.00
Anonymous $15.00
Maria Anderson $200.00
Cindy Thompson $50.00
Darlene   Pickard $20.00
Richard   Williams $50.00
Mr. Michael J.   Cano $100.00
Tammera   Richards $100.00
Darlene   Herndon $35.00
Jodie Eckard $100.00
Corporate Match – Alternative Communication Services (ACS)   LLC $2,123.00

ACS gives back by supporting causes meaningful to its Team members.  ACS believes in making the world a better place through its services, through its people, and through the causes they support. ACS proudly supports the mission of the Hearing Loss Association of America in many ways in addition to donating to the Walk for Hearing.  Valerie serves the Hearing Loss Association of America as a Board of Trustees member.  ACS gladly underwrites her travel expenses and donates the time she spends away from her job as Business Development Manager to attend Board meetings.

You can learn more about ACS Corporate Philanthropy by clicking here.

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