Hearing Assistive Technology to Make Meetings Accessible


Do you have a webinar or a conference call coming up?  If you do, ACS can help make the spoken word accessible for any participants who might be deaf or hard of hearing.  It is so simple when you contact ACS. Send us an email and let us demonstrate the ACS Alternative for webinars and conference calls today!     info@acscaptions.com

  • We interface seamlessly with the most commonly used web conference platforms (examples: Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, Cisco WebEx, Elluminate Live!, Citrix GoToMeeting, Google Hang Outs, Microsoft Live Meeting, and Centra)
  • We caption videos, DVD’s, webinars, and webcasts as well as speakers
  • Separate caption screens not necessary – we can insert captions into the same screen as the PowerPoint
  • We provide the most highly qualified caption writers and interpreters 24/7
  • We provide the hardware and software plus technical support.
  • We assist you with meeting planning and technology coordination.
  • Our staff are always pleasant, professional, and committed to meeting your needs.
  • We provide all-inclusive price quotes – there are no hidden fees.

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