ACS Business Develoment Manager Writes Article for Employers

 Hiring Employees with Hearing Loss – What’s in it for Employers?
By Valerie Stafford-Mallis

I was honored to recently have an article I wrote published in the January 2014 issue of Hearing Loss Magazine. Hearing Loss Magazine is published bimonthly by the Hearing Loss Association of America.  Hearing Loss Magazine is available online in digital format. Current issues are available to HLAA Members as a membership benefit.  For more information, go to


My article, Hiring Employees With Hearing Loss – What’s In It For Employers? discusses some really good reasons why an employer should consider hiring someone with a hearing loss. It dispels some of the common myths that prevent employers from being more open to hiring persons with hearing loss, and provides resources to create the win-win situation everybody wants.  I have been in the workforce for 30+ years, all of them while dealing with hearing loss.  I have learned first-hand what works and what does not work.

There is a wealth of low-tech and high-tech hearing assistive devices and services out there today that make workplace access an exciting reality.  For instance, did you know that captions can be inserted into a webcast so that a person who is deaf or hard of hearing can follow every word in real-time?  Or, did you know that conference calls can be captioned remotely, simply by having a caption writer listen in on the call and convert the speech into text? At Alternative Communication Services, we routinely do these miraculous things every day.

For more information about hiring and supporting employees with hearing loss in your place of business, you can email me at


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