Joint Defense Veterans Audiology Conference

According to a presentation I just attended at JDVAC Joint Defense Veterans Audiology Conference in Las Vegas, approximately 60% of returning veterans have tinnitus and/or hearing loss. Source: Kathy E. Gates, Au.D., COL (Ret.) USA and  Col. Mark Packer, MD. Comprehensive Hearing Health Program (CHHP),  Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence.  Fortunately, all branches of the armed forces are committed to doing something to change this statistic through assessment, education, and support.  This was but one amazing seminar on today’s program!

Bay Pines Preso Screen Shot

Fun abounds, too, from ice cream socials in the exhibit hall to the Concha Bowl, a type of Trivial Pursuit for hearing health professionals.  I do not mean to brag but my team, Shift Happens in Las Vegas, won first place!  How did we do that?  I’ll never tell.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Cochlear Americas Exhibit JDVAC

JDVAC began as a collaborative effort between the Military Audiology Association (MAA) and the Association of VA Audiologists (AVAA).  Now in its sixth year, the conference has grown in both size stature.  In addition to top drawer presentations I will find very useful in making the spoken word accessible to veterans and active duty persons with hearing loss, cutting-edge technology was on display from the following exhibitors:

  1. Siemens Hearing Instruments
  2. Interacoustics
  3. Natus Medical
  4. MAICO Diagnostics
  5. Honeywell Safety Products
  6. Silynx Communications, Inc.
  7. MED-EL Corporation
  8. Bernafon, LLC
  9. AudSoft, Inc.
  10. Phonak, LLC
  11. Grason-Stadler
  12. Ototronix
  13. Sonitus Medical, Inc.
  14. Oticon Medical
  15. Oticon, Inc.
  16. VARTA Microbattery, Inc.
  17. ReSound
  18. Iron Bow Technologies
  19. GN Otometrics/Audiology Systems, Inc.
  20. GN Otometrics/Audiology Systems, Inc.
  21. Heroes with Hearing Loss (Hamilton Captel)
  22. Ear Technology Corporation
  23. Starkey Hearing Technologies
  24. NCRAR
  25. CaptionCall
  26. Moldex-Metric, Inc.
  27. Neuromonics
  28. Unitron, Inc
  29. Vivonsonic, Inc.
  30. Cochlear Americas
  31. Oaktree Products, Inc.
  32. Benson Medical Instruments
  33. Sound Pillow
  34. 3M Peltor

Make your plans to attend this exciting conference next year in Orlando FL March 2-5, 2015.

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