Speech-to-Text Services for School Districts


With the first half of the 2014-2015 academic year coming to a close, ACS is receiving quite a few inquiries from school districts on behalf of students who have been struggling to access the spoken word in their classrooms.  Here’s an overview of the two speech-to-text options that we provide most commonly here at ACS. 

Remote CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) is a word-for-word transcription of what gets said in the classroom. It is performed by highly skilled transcribers who have undergone stenography training, plus additional real-time transcription training to increase speed and accuracy.  Students with a reading grade level and reading speed equal to the level at which the instructor is speaking are best-served by this service. Courses with specialized vocabulary and content in which every word is critical are excellent candidates for CART.  It is billed with a one-hour minimum charge and then we bill in 15-minute increments thereafter. 

The second speech-to-text option is called remote Text Interpreting (TypeWell or C-Print). This is a meaning-for-meaning translation of what is said in the classroom. The integrity and quality of the sentence is not lost, but simply condensed.  This service is performed by highly skilled computer keyboardists who have been trained in alphabetic or phonetic text condensing strategies.  This is an excellent option for high school students who read more slowly or who have a reading grade level of at least 4th or 5th grade. It is also useful for students for whom English is a second language, such as students who communicate in ASL. This service is also billed with a one-hour minimum charge and then we bill in 30-minute increments thereafter. 

With both services you receive a transcript, training for students/staff, technical support, and the ACS experience! Our per hour pricing is all-inclusive, there are no additional fees. Providing remote services is the easy part, but at ACS we engage the student, staff, accounting and IT department making the use of remote CART services easy. ACS provides students with access to SAM (Scheduling Management System) and their own captioning account. 

The hardware needed for remote speech-to-text services is a laptop with access to the internet and a microphone (see below) to capture the sound. You will need SKYPE software to assist in the audio process, but the software is free and easily downloadable. In a majority of our high schools students are responsible for setting up their laptop, microphone, and accessing the remote captioning. We do provide training for the student, coordinators, and teaching staff, although there is very little training needed. Really we simply educate folks on what is happening. It’s nice to have the school’s IT department engaged in the process, but it’s not required.

Microphone Information

ACS provides a one-stop shop for your voice-to-text services and the equipment necessary to produce the best product possible.

To get additional information or order any product from ACS MarketPlace, please click on the link below.  Information and a rate quote will be provided to you with further ordering instructions.


 Revolabs Desktop System with Solo EX Mic

When clear audio is needed for an interactive class, this Revolab system is an excellent choice. The microphone covers a wide range and is completely wireless. The base unit remains near the student laptop and needs AC power, but the microphone charges quickly, is very small and portable and can be moved to any location in the classroom.

Revolabs xTag 

This is the best lavaliere microphone that we have found. For lecture intensive courses, this microphone cannot be beat. Students power it through the USB port on their laptop. It can attach to the professor or lecturer with a clip or lanyard. This is a great microphone and delivers crystal clear audio.

One of the characteristics that set ACS apart from our competition is that we listen to you. We have vast experience in business and education, but we have found the most effective service is when we listen to you and provide a solution that best meets your needs. You can go to our website www.acscaptions.com and click on StreamText


and then click on Demo.


You should be able to see text flowing on the screen. You can adjust fonts and colors to meet your needs. We would welcome the chance to demonstrate the service to you and staff at no cost. 

We will listen to you as you advise us on your student’s particular classroom challenges and together we will help you implement a solution. We look forward to demonstrating to you why we are the Alternative!


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