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ACS White Papers

If you would like a copy of one of the ACS White Papers, please send an email to Phil@acscaptions.com indicating which White Paper interests you and the organization with which you are affiliated.  He will send it to you.

Video Remote Interpreting
What do you do if you need a sign language interpreter but one is not available to physically come on-site? Read this white paper to learn more about video remote interpreting and how to use it effectively.

Meeting Plannerís Guide to Accessible Meetings
You are planning a convention, meeting or some other event and one of your attendees has requested captions and/or a sign language interpreter.  What do you do? Read this white paper to learn how to make your events accessible to all, including attendees who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Remote CART (Communication Access Real-Time Translation)
You would like to make CART available and are interested in utilizing the Internet to do so. CART is the act of listening to an event, transcribing all speech that is heard into text, and sending that transcribed text to a user. This white paper will help you better understand when CART is appropriate and how to use remote CART effectively.

Remote Text Interpreting (TypeWell and C-Print)
When does a meaning-for-meaning translation of the spoken word produced by a high-speed transcriber provide acceptable communication access, without reproducing every word? And how is that service provided over the Internet? This white paper will help you better understand when text interpreting is appropriate and how to use remote text interpreting effectively.