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January, 2014

ACS Welcomes Interpreter Coordinator Laurie Reinhardt

ACS would like to officially welcome Laurie Reinhardt to the team as its Interpreter Coordinator.  Laurie is no stranger to ACS, having consulted with ACS for the past couple of years on some very high profile conventions and projects requiring sign language interpreters. ACS is excited to deploy Laurie’s expertise to serve our convention clients who request sign language interpreters. 

Laurie holds multiple sign language interpreter certifications through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and has been active in the interpreting field for more than 30 years. Laurie received a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Master Degree from the University of Washington in Fine Arts. She is a pioneer in the field of video interpreting and has presented nationally and internationally on video interpreting. Laurie is a founding member of the Association of Visual Language Interpreters in Canada and well as a founding member and co-owner of SignOn, Inc from 1997-2011. Currently Laurie is pursuing another Master's degree in Interpreting Studies at Western Oregon University where she applies the creativity of an artist to the technical aspects of interpreter development. 

Send Laurie an email Laurie@acscaptions.com and let her make providing sign language interpreting at your next event a snap!

Laurie Reinhardt, CSC, NIC-A

Interpreter Coordinator

office: 800-335-0911 | fax: 813-926-7875 | direct: 206-941-761

"Try the alternative...where the client AND employee matter."

P.O. Box 278, Lombard, IL 60148

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