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Platform Interpreting

ACS is one of the largest providers of text services (captioning) to convention groups in North America.  Having been asked to provide sign language interpreters for conventions as well, ACS officially began offering convention interpreting services in 2010. 

Today, ACS provides thousands of hours of services annually and has built a network of platform and conference interpreters throughout the country.  Regardless of whether your event takes place at a small hotel in a rural environment or a large convention center in the largest city, ACS can provide nationally certified and qualified interpreters for your event. 

You provide ACS the dates of your event, and our convention team will take over from there.  We locate, vet, prepare and compensate the interpreters.  You are able to relax and focus on other aspects of your convention or meeting. 

For further information on our convention services, please contact info@ACSCaptions.com and a convention planner will be in touch with you in minutes.