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Alternative Communication Services & PostCAP Partner With Automatic Sync Technologies

 Alternative Communication Services (ACS: www.acscaptions.com) and PostCAP (www.postcapllc.com) are pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Automatic Sync Technologies (AST: www.automaticsync.com ). We believe our passion for accuracy, customer service, and efficient processes will help to serve all of our client bases.

ACS is excited to support AST's clients with CART captioning and Text Interpreting services. "The process is simple," stated Phil Hyssong, CEO of ACS. "If we can hear it, we can turn any audio into captioned text for the consumer to view in real-time." AST's CEO Kevin Erler also commented, "It was a natural partnership from our first conversation. We believe that ACS offers a well-rounded service to our client base." ACS will be working closely with AST clients to support individuals with hearing loss in education, business, and government.

On the other side of the partnership, AST is providing PostCAP with access to its CaptionSync platform. AST's platform integrations with numerous learning platforms provides a low-cost and effective post-production solution for those clients with learning platforms that require captioning. PostCAP is excited to extend our new service integration as a key component to serving new and current clients. "AST is the leader in integrating captioning into learning platforms," commented PostCAP owner T.J. DiGrazia, "Please help us in welcoming AST as PostCAP's newest partner."

Phil Hyssong, CEO