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Press Release: For Immediate Release
February 1, 2010

SignOn: A Sign Language Interpreting Resource, Inc., (SignOn), a Seattle-based corporation, and Alternative Communication Services, LLC, (ACS), of Illinois announce a collaborative partnership in order to better serve individuals who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind and Late-Deafened. Both agencies hold a customer-first philosophy while at the same time highly valuing the service practitioner.

This new collaboration, to commence February 1, 2010, allows consumers to access both sign language and text-based communication services with a single contact. Individuals who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind or Late-Deafened use a variety of modes to access spoken communication.  Interpretation and CART services are available either onsite or remotely for a wide variety of settings, including business, education and special events such as workshops and conferences.
When asked about the collaboration, Mike Cano, Managing Partner of ACS said, "Client needs have driven our service offerings since our inception. ACS has had great success in developing advanced on site and remote services, both CART/captioning and Text Interpreting (C-Print and TypeWell). As client needs have continued to expand, we are recognizing the value of partnering with experts in the field. SignOn will provide the clients of ACS with the quality and expertise they are accustomed to receiving from us.  We are thrilled and confident that needs will not only be met, but exceeded."
Karen Graham, SignOn CEO said, “At SignOn we believe that our consumers should be able to access communication in the way that best meets their needs. Technology continues to expand options for communication access.  This partnership allows us to provide a full range of access services in order to meet the needs of a diverse consumer base.  Our customers will be happy to be able to consult with us and choose what type of access best meet their needs.”

About SignOn:  SignOn is the Northwest's most comprehensive resource for sign language interpreting, specialized interpreting services (tactile, close visual, oral, legal, mental health, medical) and video interpreting.  They provide the highest quality service in order to ensure communication between Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Hard of Hearing and Hearing people.  The company has served the greater Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest since 1997.  Visit http://www.signonasl.com/ for more information, or to contact directly, SignOn can be reached at 866-688-7100.
About ACS:   Alternative Communication Services (ACS) has operation centers in Chicago, Illinois and Tampa, Florida. Their mission is to provide the highest possible quality voice-to-text services via CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation), Captioning and Text Interpreting (C-Print and TypeWell), and delivering these services to consumers throughout the world, recognizing the unique strengths of each individual in the process. For more information on ACS, go to http://www.acscaptions.com.   ACS staff can be reached directly by calling 800-335-0911.