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Texas Hands & Voice Guide By your Side Program has been using ACSCaptions to provide real-time captioning for our monthly staff meeting for a while now and I just love their services. From our very first contact with Valerie who is the perfect "face" for the company to TJ holding my hand as I practiced setting up my screen for the first meeting, to the excellent on time captioning and timely transcripts, I just couldn't be more pleased. I am so grateful for their excellent, professional service and the way that they allow me to provide real-time access to my staff meeting for our deaf and hard of hearing contractors. Thank you ACSCaptions!
Program Coordinator

ACS has been so easy to work with. You were helpful in getting the equipment we needed, setting up the training session and working all the little kinks out the startup. The student has been thrilled with the service as well. Thank you for making this seamless and so doable [by our team]. I will definitely be passing the ACS name along on my list serve when folks ask for a recommendation. 
Disability Resource Director

Today's call went extremely well.  I do believe I was right on topic, and that no one had to wait long for me to speak.  With other relay services, the captioning was more than 5 seconds behind the conversation, that I sometimes took too long to jump in the conversation.  Sheila did an awesome job with the captioning.  I really love this service, and it is super-fast.  Thank you!

Business Trainer and Technician

I want to thank everyone for another great year of service! Your patience, professionalism and quality of service are "top-notch"!
High School Student

I just wanted to thank you guys for a wonder job done by Rosalie!  She went above and beyond the call of duty in captioning our show last night.  The show contained a lot of music and all she needed to do was put in musical notesÖ.but she actually did most of the music!  It was great!  I have worked with you guys for many years and every time I keep getting reminded about why I love working with your company.  Thanks again.
TV Production Manager

I just wanted to say thank you again for your willingness to work with us on a very late request for remote text interpreting of our Graduation ceremony.  I will be in touch with you about working out on-screen captioning of future ceremonies (including in December).  You guys are so wonderfully responsive and patient Ė Iím so glad to be working with such a great company!
University Disability Coordinator

I would like to thank ACS for the opportunity to work with all of you this past semester.   I cannot say enough about how patient and helpful everyone at ACS was and is.   It was an awesome experience and I look forward to working with you again soon!!
CART Provider 

I so appreciate your companyís flexibility and professionalism especially throughout these past few weeks.  I am definitely impressed with your lightening response to our needs and willingness to be flexible.   ASC came highly recommended to usóand I will gladly say the same when others ask about your service.
Director of Disability Services

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy working with ACS.  In all the years I have done this I have never worked for a more organized, flexible, and caring company.  And I'm really not just saying that:)  Some of the experiences I've had in the past would shock you! Anyway, on a personal note thanks for giving me the hours that I needed when I was worrying about being able to pay my mortgage and bills. 
CART Provider

It was amazing!!  I was super happy about the results!!  Thank you and let me know how you wish for me to pay!  :) 
Hearing Loss Industry Company Representative

At the beginning of Fall Semester 2012, I had a student who is deaf sign up for a German 101 class.  I had no idea how to provide accommodations for that class, as none of my interpreters speak German.  The student had taken Japanese last year at another college and the accommodation was two interpreters sitting with the Japanese book in their lap fingerspelling trying to fingerspell everything that was spoken.  I wanted to find another way.  I sent out a question on the listserv and you answered saying you had an employee fluent in German and we could set up a trial to see if they could provide remote captioning services for German 101.   It is working great!   The student is blown away at the access available to her.  The student had never tried remote captioning before.  They are very comfortable working and communicating with your employee providing the captioning.  Your employee types German greetings to the student as they connect and feed them a new German vocabulary word in their short daily exchanges, always offering to interpret the new vocabulary word. The transcripts are sent back to the student so they can study the lecture again. When problems arose, I always get a prompt response from your staff.  It has been a great experience for both the student and I.   Thanks for your enthusiastic service, the excellent quality of service provided and the prompt attention when responding to my questions when problem arise.
Disability Service Provider

Thanks for your message! It was great working with all of you! My job/career wouldn't have been possible without you and your team. So thank you for that. 
Business Person

I want you to know that I enjoyed working with this company more than I can say. Everything was so easy from learning the software to getting classes. I hear stories from CART writers that they have problems getting classes and other issues and I always said how blessed I was to be working with you guys.
CART Provider

Thank you. This system is wonderful!
Disability Service Provider

I cannot tell you how ACS consistently provides the best service. Not only are you all the nicest but wonderfully professional, responsive and reliable. Trish was excellent, arrived earlier than we did and worked tirelessly. She was also so personable!
Executive Director of Disability Organization

I wanted to send a quick email and say thank you. Lisa did an amazing job writing for our staff meeting today. With all the chaos that happens in our meetings, she was able to keep up and do a beautiful job. She should be recognized for her hard work. Our meetings are insanely difficult at times and insanely fun at others. She was amazing at keeping up with the fast paced banter, business discussions and side comments. She let us know what she needed from us and when, without being intrusive. I think I speak for all of us when I say: If we could hand pick a writer to fit our group of misfits, she would be one we pick!
State Deaf Commission

I recently was taking class for work a few weeks ago and your employee Heather Easterly provide the CART services for me throughout the week of this course.  I am emailing you to let you know of how impressed I was with the services she provided.  I have had the privilege of using CART services since I was in the 8th grade, and have experienced quite a few captionist over my lifetime and career and Heather by far was the best that I've seen.  I was thoroughly impressed with her ability and felt it was important for you to be aware of this.  Not only was her skill impeccable, but her presence and customer service was some of the best that I've experienced.
Student consumer

I feel very empowered when I can understand what the person on the phone is saying. Thanks for your help.
Healthcare employee

I greatly appreciate your prompt attention! The College truly values our vendors who make such an effort to be partners in student success.
University Contract Administrator

And that's why I love ACS-so easy and nice to work with.
Director of Communication Access Program

We have the CART Service well integrated into several of our regular conference calls.  It's a tremendous aid not only to our employee, but also to the rest of the team to ensure we're doing the best we can in our communication with her. Thanks for what you guys do!
Manager Fortune 500 company

I find that people who donít know about CART are always impressed with, not only how CART works, but how quickly and accurately your CART writers can transcribe the audio. I can barely keep up with the material when Iím sitting in class covering CART, let alone sitting in another state listening to and focusing on, hopefully good quality, audio and transcribing every spoken work, non-stop for an hour or more at a time. So please send thanks to all the CART writers and to you and the ACS gang for the great service and for securing top-notch writers for our classes and events!
Ivy League College Disability Coordinator

I've been keeping an eye on the captions, because I want to make sure that I'm getting some of the information and names on things, but I love working with ACS and providing captioning services, because what we're going to get is a true reflection of our meeting. I've worked with other people, and while they work hard to do a good job, I'm going with ACS for the obsessive-compulsive nature of the providers who work there in getting us an excellent transcript.
National Program Director

I wanted to thank you for all your help this semester!  You have been a wealth of knowledge and a great person with whom to work.  You helped to make the transition into my new role very easy with respect to CART and the organizational side of things. 
Disability Director

I want you to know that the CART interpreting for the session I attended last Friday morning at CSUN was the very best CART transcribing I have ever experienced.  The reporter was phenomenal Ė both in accuracy of reporting and grammar but also in picking up some very hard speech to hear accurately.  Everyone was rightfully impressed and appreciative.
Business Consultant

Sounds like things are going well for you guys over at ACS! It just confirms for me what I already knew, that we made the right choice a few years ago when we started using your services. While always remaining professional, everyone at ACS, and especially you T.J., have always kept it real friendly and personal, which makes it that much more pleasant to come to work each day. Thanks!
Disability Coordinator

You guys are it!  Yes, I have tried several services, and ACS is at the top of my list for quality and user-friendliness.  I just donít need extra stress about the CART when Iím already stressing about important meetings.  I appreciate your group!
Business person

I have to tell you all, having worked with many caption providers Ė I really see how good ACS is and I am very appreciative. The price is quite fair for a major Northeast metropolitan area.  Thank you for helping us on such short notice!  
Certified Meeting Planner