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Who We Serve

Business – ACS provides remote Internet CART, onsite CART and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services to businesses throughout the world. We listen to teleconference calls, in-service trainings, seminars, workshops and client meetings. We transcribe the text and send it to the user via the Internet with less than a two-second delay. Users with hearing loss are able to actively participate in business events.

Schools – Educational CART, Text Interpreting and VRI is challenging and stimulating. ACS is your best choice because we have technological experience and curriculum experience. Our writers, transcribers and interpreters are prepared to provide services for a nuclear science course or an introductory English class. The ADA and disability coordinators who work with ACS understand the benefits of working with an experienced company that can deliver a quality product effortlessly.

Convention – Convention settings can be challenging for the inexperienced. ACS staff has over 20 years of experience meshing with audio-visual teams throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Our knowledge of the happenings behind the stage make us the logical choice to provide captioning services at your next association convention. Further, ACS has an extensive network of platform interpreters who enhance the event with impeccable sign language interpreting services.