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Facebook Live Caption Output Options

Using EEG Falcon to Provide Captions for Facebook Live

EEG Falcon is a virtual encoder that uses iCap captioning software to provide realtime captions for Facebook Live events. We encourage you to contact EEG support to discuss how their streaming software works with the Falcon virtual encoder. 

Once you have set up an iCloud account and assigned ACS as your caption provider, you then create an access code and provide that code to ACS, which allows us to send realtime captions to your event page. 


Using StreamText.Net to Provide Open Captions for Facebook Live has developed a realtime solution for captioning a Facebook Live event. This method is an option when the video is produced with production software like Wirecast or Tricaster. Using this approach ensures that the recording will also have captions. This method will not work with Android or iPhone video sources.

If your broadcast is using production software, here are the options:

Use the StreamCast application: 

This option is easy and only requires the event producer to install StreamCast. Once installed, the event producer will set up the StreamCast window to the desired size and format. Then it is simple for the event producer to create a layer for the video that will be the captions. The event producer will have full control over the location and presentation.

Use a link: 

This option is great for Wirecast and Dome or other production platforms that can ingest a StreamText link. Within our account, we will set up an event and create a URL (or link) that we send to you. 

Once your Facebook Live event has gone live, our captioner connects to your event and realtime captions will begin streaming. The delay from the moment a word is spoken until it appears on your event page is about two seconds.