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Facebook Live, Captioning via OBS Studio and StreamCast

These instructions will show you how to connect captions to Facebook Live using OBS Studio and StreamCast. You must first download OBS Studio, a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming, and StreamCast, an application designed to allow you to overlay captions onto any application.

Download OBS Studio here:

Download StreamCast here:

Open OBS Studio and click Settings.


Click Stream, then click Get Stream Key, which will take you to your Facebook page.


At your Facebook page, click Create Live Stream.

At the Persistent Stream Key line, click Copy.

Paste this stream key into the Stream Key line in OBS Studio, then click Apply and OK.


Open the StreamCast app. Enter the event name provided by your Service Coordinator, then change settings as desired. Click Save Settings. 


Click plus sign on the Scenes window, then create a scene named Captions.

Click plus sign on the Sources window, then choose Window Capture.


Choose these settings in the screenshot below. Click OK.

Note: If you have difficulty connecting, or if captions stop streaming to OBS Studio, choose the other options in Capture Method and Window Match Priority.


StreamCast captions now appear on your OBS stream page. Move and crop the StreamCast window as necessary.


At your Facebook page, you will see a preview of your event. Choose where to post your live broadcast and choose who can view your event, then click Go Live.