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Remote CART Captioning with

ACS utilizes as its primary remote streaming platform for realtime captioning, including CART (communication access realtime translation) captioning.

StreamText delivers the spoken word as a realtime stream of text. StreamText is very easy to use and user-friendly. It is firewall-friendly, and it will work in almost any environment with internet access. StreamText is compatible with all major internet browsers. No downloads are necessary for you or your consumers to use StreamText.

StreamText works seamlessly with platforms such as WebEx, Adobe Connect, Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube. All streaming charges are included in the hourly remote rate for captioning.

When you schedule your remote event with us, we will provide you with a URL (or link) that you can then provide to individuals who wish to view realtime captions. You can also embed this link on your event page or your app. Approximately 15 minutes before your event is to begin, we will sign on and open the StreamText link. Realtime captions will then be live and standing by for your event to begin.

Each person viewing our realtime text through the StreamText link can customize his or her screen, including resizing and moving the text window; changing font and font size; changing font color and background color; and choosing whether to use or hide the chat window, provided the chat window is active during your event.

For our captioner to hear your event, we ask that you provide us with audio or video of your event. This can be provided through your event page, via a voice over internet platform such as Skype, or using a phone line. Once connected to audio, our captioner is muted. As your event proceeds, our captioner is listening and writing in realtime. As each keystroke is translated by our captioning software, it appears word by word on your StreamText link, about 1-2 seconds after being spoken.

After your event, if requested, we will email you an electronic version of the realtime file. There is no extra charge for this file. All realtime files are archived for one year, unless you direct us otherwise. If you prefer, we can delete the realtime file immediately for confidentiality or security reasons. Realtime files are only provided to individuals designated by you.