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StreamCast Installation and Overview

StreamCast allows you to overlay captions onto any application that does not have native captioning support. StreamCast uses a direct feed from StreamText.Net. Simply install StreamCast and position the caption window where you want to display the captions. The window will automatically remain overlain onto your screen and is not affected when you change slides. See the example below.

Currently, there are two Windows versions. will have support for Mac OS and Linux coming very soon. Once installed just click CTRL+s in the StreamCast window. The controls will open, allowing you to configure everything from colors to spacing. 

The new Windows version (recommended) has the controls in the upper left corner. You also need to open the controls to move the window. To move the window, click and hold the Move arrow as you move the window. 

Below are two screenshots, one showing the control cog and the other showing the control window after you click on the cog.

New Windows Version:


Installation Instructions:

  1. Download StreamCast.exe to your computer by clicking on the link below. There are two versions: one for Mac and one for Windows.

New Windows Version: (recommended)


Old Windows Version: 


Mac OS:

  1. StreamCast will automatically install once you run or open the file. It will start with the StreamText demo event running by default.
  2. To adjust the settings and connect to your event just enter ctrl+s in the StreamCast window. The controls will appear. Next type the event name we emailed you (found in your StreamText link.) Note: Only enter the event name, not the StreamText event link. 
  3. Adjust font size, colors and spacing. Once you have entered all the details, just click the Save Settings button at the bottom of this setup page. The StreamCast window will then appear with your new settings. Once installed it will also remember your last settings so you don’t have to reenter them. (See the settings form below.)



We suggest you start with these settings and adjust to fit your needs.

x: 45

y: 800

Height: 85

Width: 1000

Spacing: 1

Font Size: 36

Font Family: Verdana

Background Color: Black

Text Color: White

Zoom Captioning and VRI Services

Due to a significant increase in Zoom captioning inquiries, we have developed a Quick Start page to help our customers find the information they need.

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In May 2020, ACS began a new journey by becoming an Ai-Media Company, an Australian-based captioning company that services people who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing throughout the world.

We are proud to be an Ai-Media Company and look forward to a long and healthy future. What this means for you is enhanced service, the strongest and most secure technical environment possible, and new opportunities such as language translation and audio description. The best part is that the people of ACS/Ai-Media are not changing. You still have all the same faces and names plus many more!