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YouTube Live, Sharing Your Captioning URL

To add realtime captions to your live event, you need to send captions to YouTube either embedded in the video or through supported software that can send captions over HTTP POSTs. 

Here are the steps to find your YouTube event caption URL:

  1. Create your Event as you normally would. You must be using the YouTube Live platform.
  2. After creating the event, be sure to add any necessary delay in the Advanced settings tab.
  3. At the bottom of the Ingestion Settings tab, there is a Closed Caption section. Check the box for Enable captions (requires supported software).
  4. Click in the Caption Ingestion URL box to select all and copy it. This is a signed HTTP URL.
  5. Each stream entry point can have one caption feed only.
  6. Provide this URL to your captioner to enter in their YouTube-supported caption software. Hit Save.
  7. For best results, please ensure that your system’s clock is accurate, and please disable any antivirus software that may be interfering with your captioning software.