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Zoom Breakout Rooms – Assigning a Captioner

  1. To assign a captioner click Meeting Participants, then click the captioner’s name, then click More and click Assign to Type Closed Caption. Once a captioner is assigned, it is not necessary to reassign the captioner when moving to a breakout room.

  2.  When you open a breakout room, be sure to move your captioner to that room.

  3. First, click Breakout Room:

  4. Now assign your captioner to the breakout room.

  5. Click Open All Rooms when ready to move to breakout rooms.

  6. Once in the breakout room, the captioner clicks the cc button and then clicks in the bottom portion of this screen and begins to caption.

  7. Any meeting participant who wants to view captions must click the up arrow to the right of the cc button and click View Subtitles and/or View Full Transcript.

  8. After returning to the main room, the captioner and meeting participants must repeat step 7 above to view captions.

Zoom Captioning and VRI Services

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