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Zoom Meeting Captioning Basic Free Accounts

Setting Up Captions


Go to


Sign in to your account.


Once logged in, you will see this screen. Click “Settings.”


Click “In Meeting (Advanced)


Scroll down to “Closed Captioning,” and turn it on. (Blue is on; grey is off.)


“Save Captions” should auto turn on, and that is what you want.



In Meeting Settings


Click Closed Caption from the bottom menu.


Click Assign a participant to type.


Choose the captioner from the participant list, and click “More” and then “Assign to type Closed Caption.”


Click, “Assign to type Closed Captioning”


Users can turn the captions on or off by clicking the CC Closed Captioning icon.


Users can adjust the size of captions in the Zoom window by clicking Closed Caption and then Settings.

Zoom Captioning and VRI Services

Due to a significant increase in Zoom captioning inquiries, we have developed a Quick Start page to help our customers find the information they need.

Simply fill out the form below
for immediate access to features and demos.

In May 2020, ACS began a new journey by becoming an Ai-Media Company, an Australian-based captioning company that services people who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing throughout the world.

We are proud to be an Ai-Media Company and look forward to a long and healthy future. What this means for you is enhanced service, the strongest and most secure technical environment possible, and new opportunities such as language translation and audio description. The best part is that the people of ACS/Ai-Media are not changing. You still have all the same faces and names plus many more!