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How Can Live Captioning Benefit Your Business Overall?

Live captioning isn’t just a way for you to meet your clients’ and employees’ accessibility needs. Using it in your business carries some additional benefits.

If you’ve considered creating more accessible video content for your business, now is the time to start. In fact, the average user spends 88% more time on websites with video than without. But is live captioning necessary?

Captions and transcripts do more than add an extra level of accessibility to your site for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

Read on to learn the numerous benefits of captions and transcripts. You can’t afford to miss the opportunity of adding this service to your business!

What Is Captioning?

Captions are typically located at the bottom of video screens. They’re created through a process of dividing transcript text into caption frames. Those captions are time-coded in each frame so that they perfectly synchronize with a video’s audio.

They’re created with the assumption that the viewer can’t hear any of the audio. Sound effects, speaker identification, and other non-speech elements are also included for full comprehension of what’s happening on screen.

Closed captions allow a viewer to turn captions on and off. This is in contrast to open captions that can’t be turned off because they’re embedded into the video.

Live captioning also turns spoken word into text, but it’s done instantaneously. A live sound feed is sent to a captioner who transcribes the speech using a special keyboard, often from a remote location. This can be used in broadcasts, livestreams, large meetings sites, and convention settings.

Benefit #1: Greater Accessibility

Did you know that over 5% of the world’s population has hearing loss? Video content is becoming more and more popular, but without captions on your site, you’re driving a large proportion of your potential audience away.

However, once you caption one of your videos, you need to stay consistent. You want to continue to meet your audience’s expectations because if you don’t, they’ll stop returning to your site.

This holds true even when you’re live-streaming, broadcasting live meetings, or holding conventions. Live captioning provides everyone with an equal opportunity to access your content. Not being able to understand what your speakers are saying during important events is a frustrating struggle.

Benefit #2: Search Engine Indexing

Googlebot, Google’s search engine spider, needs to be able to crawl your content. Your web pages have the potential of climbing to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) through Googlebot’s understanding of the relevancy and value of your content.

It can extract data and determine what a web page is about through text, but only a small amount of data from an audio or video file.

To help Googlebot along and acquire the SEO benefits, closed captioning adds a readable text file to your video files. The text file helps Googlebot understand that your video content is relevant and valuable to your target audience.

Benefit #3: Increased Engagement

Even if your video content is relevant and valuable to your audience, they may not stick around long enough to see! Closed and live captions help viewers get the most out of your content by making everything that’s being said easier to comprehend, whether they have a hearing disability or not.

Many viewers consume content while they’re commuting on crowded trains or buses, working at noisy coffee shops, or in the evening when the rest of the household is sleeping. Closed captions and live captions allow more viewers to consume your video content even when the environment would normally not be conducive.

Benefit #4: Derivative Content

By captioning your pre-recorded and live videos, you can also create transcripts. Transcripts give your audience a different way to consume your content.

For instance, a transcript of an educational or explainer video helps make statistics, takeaways, and quotes easier to reference and remember. Long video transcripts can be broken down into separate blog posts to add more depth and understanding.

Some people would simply rather read an article than watch a 10-minute video. We all have different learning styles, preferences, and available time, and having this option expands your audience.

These supporting pieces of content create additional value for your audience. As they continue to return to your site, the SEO benefits continue to expand.

Benefit #5: Clarification & Comprehension

Live captioning benefits more than hard of hearing and deaf people. It also helps event attendees who speak English as a second language. They’ll have a far easier time understanding what speakers are saying when captions are also included.

Moreover, events can be noisy, crowded, and distracting, and not every word is easily discerned. Live captioning helps people stay focused on what’s being said even if they weren’t able to make out the last few words or sentences the speaker said.

Endless Benefits of Live Captioning

As you can see, adding live captioning and closed captioning to your video content and live broadcasts adds a great deal of value to your business. Not only are you helping your audience gain a greater understanding of your product or service offerings, but you’re also making it easier for Google to index you.

Greater accessibility for your audience, employees, or event attendees simply makes you a more respected brand. Now that video content has grown, people are beginning to realize the need for accessibility for all.

By providing this service, you’ll be making a clear, positive statement that accessibility is important for your business.

Contact ACS today to discuss your needs and for a prompt quote if you’re ready to add this service to your business!

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