Communication Access Realtime Translation

A turnkey accessibility solution that provides instantaneous translation of the spoken language into text and is displayed on monitors, computers and mobile devices with less than a two-second delay.

Key Features:

Average captioning speed of 200-220 WPM

Displayed on monitors, computers & mobile devices

Transcripts available immediately after captioning session

Certified & professional staff dedicated to providing the best service in the industry.

CART and captioning are verbatim services, where every word is transcribed at a minimum accuracy level of 98.5%.

How do CART Services work?

Onsite CART

  • With onsite CART, the captioner is in the room where the event is occurring.
  • Minimal space is required for the CART captioner’s setup.
  • Onsite CART is projected onto a screen or shown on monitors viewable by all attendees.
  • Onsite CART can be simultaneously streamed online and made available as a remote CART feed.
  • Instant realtime transcript is created and available immediately upon conclusion of your event.

Remote CART

  • Quick and easy setup for you, the client.
  • Instant and easy accessibility for all participants.
  • Firewall friendly service viewable on multiple devices.
  • Each viewer controls his or her realtime window.
  • Instant realtime transcript is accessible by all viewers during the event. With just one click, return to the event’s live captions.
  • Up to 1,000 viewers can utilize CART during a single event.
  • Flat hourly rate, regardless of number of viewers.
  • Client receives an electronic transcript of each webinar at no added cost.
  • Reliable, economical and easy accessibility.

Author: Rob Roth, AccessComputing staff

AccessComputing announces a new 7:34 video, Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People, that explores what CART is and where it can be used. The video is ideal for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing and is considering what types of accommodations would be best for participating in a college-level class or at a conference.

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Who benefits from CART ?

  • Viewers, presenters and speakers who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Viewers who are hard of hearing and have low vision.
  • Viewers for whom English is a second language.
  • Viewers wanting to refer to the realtime transcript.
  • You, the client.

Available Worldwide

Our services can be used in any country where the language being spoken is English. If the audio can be heard and there is access to the Internet, then the services of ACS can be used.

Why Choose ACS?

Dependability Quality

ACS has become the largest provider of CART captioning services in the US through our commitment to exceeding our clients' expectations.

"We've been using ACSCaptions to provide real-time captioning for our monthly staff meeting for a while now and I just love their services. From our very first contact with Valerie who is the perfect "face" for the company to TJ holding my hand as I practiced setting up my screen for the first meeting, to the excellent on time captioning and timely transcripts, I just couldn't be more pleased. I am so grateful for their excellent, professional service and the way that they allow me to provide real-time access to my staff meeting for our deaf and hard of hearing contractors. Thank you ACSCaptions!"
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