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Captioning Services

Expand your audience with captioned video.

Captions can significantly improve the quality of your video viewing experience and can boost its appeal. Captioning services can also help improve your video viewership by letting you reach out to a wider audience who may speak a different language or have a disability.

Interesting Facts:

1 %
of social media videos are viewed without sound.​
1 %
of the US population is deaf or hard of hearing.
1 %
of caption users are not deaf or hard of hearing

Our closed captioning services have been designed to help you boost and expand your audience with captioning for your videos. We have a team in charge of quality checking all captions across all video platforms. Whether you are working on a movie, broadcast media, television shows, standalone projects, or corporate necessities we ensure that the captions will meet our 99% accuracy standards.

Work with ACS and discover captioning & translation solutions that enable your media to transcend borders, cross cultures, and traverse the globe.

ACS guarantees a fast turnaround time and ensures that you can get the best quality closed captioning for a simplified, cost-efficient rate.

Clients from all industries trust ACS to deliver quality captioning and reliable service.

Corporate Meetings





Social Media Videos

Our Guarantee:

At ACS, we ensure that all captioning services we offer are quality checked to meet our 99% accuracy guarantee.

Each captioning project we take on undergoes our quality control process which is tiered to ensure that clients get superior quality results in the shortest possible time frame.

Whether open or closed captioning services, our tiered quality control process for all captioning services offered involves a transcriptionist and a highly trained, professional quality analyst specialized in captioning. Both highly experienced professionals will work together to ensure that all closed captions are accurate and quality checked for excellence before being sent out to clients.

Compatible with all major streaming platforms & video players.

Our Process:

We provide closed captioning services in all major languages and for all types of programming. As a company with a team of video content curators and closed captions experts, we are capable of handling all sizes of captioning services, whether large or small.

We ensure that all captioning services we offer are done in-house, from transcription to encoding. This allows our clients to enjoy not only a fast turnaround service but also high quality services they can trust.

The secret to our success lies in the fact that we have taken the time to diligently search out a team with the right skills and dedication to meet all the needs of our customers. From our customer service administrators to our video captioning experts, we have made sure that clients can enjoy unparalleled services while continuously strengthening their trust in top quality closed captioning services.

  • We have also selected the best technicians in charge of our state-of-the-art technology, which is designed to help make your brand more accessible to your target audience.
  • We believe so much in the wealth of skills and experience of our video captioning team. This is why we make sure that they are in charge of the process from start to finish.
  • We also have a team of professional open and closed captioning editors that prides itself on being able to get things done right the first time, leaving no room for error and maintaining the highest quality and accuracy.

Post-production captioning is extremely precise and offers flexible options such as pop-up captioning, open/closed captioning, environmental sounds, and speaker identification.

How it Works:

A transcript with a minimum of 98% accuracy is aligned (time coded) and exported into a caption file (SRT, VTT, TTML, SAMI). The optional service of creating an open caption video permanently burns the captions into each frame of the video file ensuring maximum accessibility regardless of media player.

1. Human Transcription

A quality closed captioning file starts with a highly accurate transcript created by a professional, US-based transcriber.

2. Human Alignment

Combining technology with the human touch, our specially trained aligners know how to create the perfect captions.

3. Human Quality Review

A quality review of the transcript and captions with a fresh set of eyes makes for an excellent result.


Turnaround time is one of the most important elements for any client. ACS has streamlined processes allowing for quick turnaround, while maintaining our high standard for quality.

Our captioning services and staff make use of the latest and most advanced workstation. We ensure that deliverables are returned to you as soon as possible by having multiple editors and captioners work on your video content simultaneously.


24 hours or less


Up to 3 Days

Why us?

The Human Element.

Every step of our captioning process is handled by professional captioners with experience in difficult captioning scenarios and a wide range of industry-specific terminology.


Why is this Important?

We could explain but we think this hilarious video from the popular Rhett & Link YouTube channel illustrates the point perfectly. 

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Additional Services


Translation is the process of taking a source (text, digital media, existing captions) from one language and making it understandable in one or more different languages. Our native language interpreters and translators will convert English text into any of the core languages or from one of the core languages into English. Please contact ACS if your required foreign language is not listed, and we’ll find a solution to meet your needs.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Foreign languages available for translation.

Other languages available upon request.
Pricing varies per language.



One of our skilled writers carefully listens to your media to create a verbatim transcript with a minimum of 98% accuracy. Transcripts are delivered in a text document (.rtf) for easy use in almost any text viewer or word processor.

Unlike other companies,  we are also skilled in rendering specialty script services like:


Combined Continuity Lists

These are most often requested by studios. Production companies may be required to provide continuity lists to facilitate copyright protection. We are here to handle these needs in numerous formats needed.

Dialogue Lists

These are meant to record the conversations between two or more entities. Our company has a team of experienced closed captioners who can deliver top quality results in a variety of formats ranging from the most basic formats to extremely detailed.

As-Broadcast Lists

These are typically detailed scripts with time codes, verbatim dialogue and speaker identification. We can ensure that they are produced at an economical rate during the closed captioning process.


Furthering your Media Reach

At ACS, we understand that it takes a highly trained and experienced translator to help translate captions into the desired language, and we have a team that is just right for your needs. We are readily available to attend to all your needs relating to video captions for all events, whether broadcasting for television, videos, presentations, VOD platforms or others.

We handle all closed captioning services with ease and expertise, making sure that clients are presented with deliverables that meet their technical specifications. We make sure to improve the overall accessibility of your brand and brand message with the best quality of closed captioning services.

Reach out to us today to get started.