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American Sign Language

Interpreting Services

A nationwide network of certified ASL interpreters available whenever and wherever needed.

Nationally certified and state-licensed interpreters

Customized services for your unique needs

Onsite or remote availability

We make communication possible for clients in every setting.

ACS Interpreting Services is just one more way we demonstrate why we are the alternative




ACS provides thousands of hours of services annually and has built a network of platform and conference interpreters throughout the country. Regardless of whether your event takes place at a small hotel in a rural environment or a large convention center in the largest city, ACS can provide nationally certified and qualified interpreters for your event.

You provide ACS the dates of your event, and our convention team will take over from there. We locate, vet, prepare and compensate the interpreters. You are able to relax and focus on other aspects of your convention or meeting.


Video Remote Interpreting

ACS has developed a reliable, cost-effective solution to the problem of a lack of local, qualified interpreters in any given area. This solution is not only easy to implement, but ensures both legal compliance and that the customer is able to access services and information effectively.

VRI is the perfect communication solution for:


Business Meetings




Doctor visits

How it Works:

The ACS Way

ACS has recruited an excellent team of highly experienced VRI interpreters who work for us from remote locations across the country. Each of them has a VRI station at home which consists of a computer, webcam, Skype* software, and a headset, all connected to a high-speed internet connection.